ENGL4800W: Advanced Creative Writing (29649)

Zurawski, Magdalena

T 2 :20 PM

Park Hall 61

This class is an experiment in reimaging the POETRY WRITING WORKSHOP. Instead of being a space in which we spend the majority of our class time commenting on student POEMS as a large group, we will divide each week’s class time into three distinctive activities of small group feedback, in-class writing and shop talk, and an "open mic" in which we read our work to each other. This format is meant to model visual art studio classes in which many other things besides “critique” happen. The aim of this format is to allow us time for actual writing and discussions that full-time workshop often prevents. We’ll also spend a good deal of the semester reading our work aloud to each other, a practice that will help us to hear our own poems and how they work, a process that will help us in revisions, as well as prepare us for presenting our work to audiences outside of this class.