ENGL4500: Romantic Literature (49611)

Menke, Richard

TR 12:45 PM

Park Hall 136

This course will introduce you to British literature of the Romantic era (circa 1780-1830). As we read a variety of works of poetry and prose, we will be especially interested in questions about the place of Britain—and of British writing—in an age of revolutions and reactions, of new forms of individualism and of nationalism, of liberty and hierarchy, of imperial conquests and struggles for liberation.

Required texts:

  • The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, vol. 4: The Age of Romanticism, 3rd ed. (Broadview)
  • Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, 3rd ed. (Broadview)
  • Anonymous, The Woman of Colour (Broadview)
These books will be available at a discount as a custom bundle at the UGA Bookstore, or you may choose to buy them separately from another source.