ENGL4821: Poetics (49621)

Zurawski, Magdalena

MW 4 :10 PM

Park Hall 144

20th C. Poetics: Imagism to the Black Arts Movement

This class will be an introductory survey to 20th century poetics. Though our reading will be international in scope, each of the movements we will study has had an important influence on the development of 20th and 21st century American poetry. Readings will chiefly focus on statements of poetics made by practitioners of the art, i.e. poets. Our readings will include theoretical essays and manifestoes, as well as poems meant to serve as practical examples of various poetic theories. Movements covered include Futurism(s), Surrealism, Negritude, Objectivist, NY School, and BAM as well as others. Grades will be based on frequent short writing assignments, a midterm exam, and a final exam.